Youth Initiatives

The Youth Initiatives Program commenced as a pilot project in 2010. Since then the Foundation has become the first donor to launch comprehensive work with young people based on their needs and interests. The program focuses on young people as the creators of and conduits for new ideas and partners in active public involvement for discussing and solving actual problems.

The mission of the program is promoting the participation of Kazakhstan’s youth in the process of promoting a tolerant society and civic engagement.


  • develop youth initiatives aimed at solving social problems and developing public policy, including youth policy;
  • increase the professionalism and expert capacity of young people, create conditions for exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • promote greater use of new technologies in youth initiatives and projects; and
  • attract creative young people to solving issues that are of interest to the public.

Contact information

Please, contact the Program Coordinator, Saule Meirmanova for any issues related to the Youth Initiatives Program: Email:

If you want to receive information about competitions and announcements from the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, please register by sending us an email to and include the name of your organization (or your current occupation), along with the contact person’s name and email address.