East East: Partnership Beyond Borders

The East East Beyond Borders Program is a networking program of the Open Society Foundations, which was established in 1991 in Central and Eastern Europe. The program supports initiatives by NGOs and civil society organizations to exchange information, expertise, best practices, and ideas. In Kazakhstan this program began in 1996. 

The mission of the program is enabling the exchange of experiences and ideas within important community initiatives at the international level with the countries of Eastern Europe.


promoting the exchange of experience, knowledge, information, and best practices in dealing with socially important problems at the international level.

The Program does not support annual conferences or world congresses; individual travel or conference participation; artistic productions; consultancies; higher education research; translation and/or publishing; hard science; or, business, commercial, or for-profit activities.

Application form can be downloaded by following the reference 

Contact Information

Please, contact the Civil Society Initiatives Director, Bota Ayazbayeva for all issues related to the East East Beyond Borders program. Email: cs@soros.kz

If you want to receive information about competitions and announcements from the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, please register by sending us an email to ac@soros.kz and include the name of your organization (or your current occupation), along with the contact person’s name and email address.