The first fact-checking manual is issued in Kazakhstan

Publised: Thursday, November 30, 2017

"Fact-Checking as an Investigative Journalism Trend: Opportunities and Prospects" teaching manual is now available in Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian languages. MediaNetInternational Center for Journalism translated and published the book of Alexander Gorokhovsky, the Ukrainian fact-checking journalist, under financial support of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan. 

Alexander Gorokhovskyisthe editor-in-chief of the Project. In his book, he discusses in detail the fact-checking method as the main tool for verifying facts, and, as a result, countering misleading information in the contemporary world media environment. 

Professional fact-checking is a type of a "vaccination" againstpost-truth, fake news and propaganda, used without violating freedom of expression principles. The heart of this new journalism genre is an impartial verification of facts, including photos and videos, for their veracity, and evaluation of facts in public statements and promises of politicians, officials and public figures.

Adil Jalilov, Director of MediaNet and leader of the first fact-checking project in Central Asia, emphasizes the importance of such manuals becoming available in Kazakhstan, since fact-checking in our country is just breaking ground, and the need to combat misleading information is as relevant in our country as it is in the rest of the world. 

"In the era of post-truth, it is important to help the media and the community in the search of objective and reliable sources of information. Therefore, I believe this manual will be in great demand not only among journalists but also with the public and will contribute to the development of skills for critical perception of information among youth", - says Anton Artemyev, Chairman of the Board of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan. 

The manual will be distributed free of charge to mass media workers. The guidebook will also be made available at libraries and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. 

The "Fact-Checking as a Trend of Investigative Journalism: Opportunities and Prospects" Manual in Kazakh and Russian can be acquired freely by prior request. The number of copies is limited.