Vemniamin Alayev has become advisor to Akim of Almaty

Publised: Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A graduate of the "New generation of human rights defenders" project of the "Human Rights" Program of Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, human rights defender Veniamin Alayev, was elected as a freelance adviser to the akim of the city of Almaty for a two-year term.

"I have a public position. I am going to deal with the protection of the rights and interests of people with disabilities. Despite the fact that much is being done to improve the situation in this area, this is not enough and much remains to be done for the full participation of people with special needs in the life of society. Together with my colleagues from NGOs we will build an inclusive society with a barrier-free environment and with access to all necessary social benefits. Hopefully, our cooperation will improve the quality of life of people with disabilities", - said Veniamin Alayev.

With the support of SFK, Veniamin Alayev is implementing a project related to the right of people with disabilities to labor. As part of the project, he prepared employment models for various types of disability and presented his proposals to the members of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He conducted training sessions for commercial organizations, which resulted in the employment of 5 people with special needs.

You can view the video with Veniamin Alayev's participation here.

Consultations for parents of children with special needs will be held in Almaty and Kostanay

In Almaty, since June this year, the "Raising legal literacy of parents of children with special needs" project was launched. The project is being implemented by the graduate of the project "New Generation of Human Rights Defenders" of SFK Human Rights Program of FGC, human rights activist, lawyer and mother of a special child, Aigul Shakibaeva.

According to the State report on the implementation of the RK commitments under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on January 1, 2017, there are about 80 000 children with disabilities in Kazakhstan. Today, only 9% of educational organizations have created adequate conditions for their upbringing and education. Only 27% of children with special developmental needs, including children with the arrest of development, children with learning disabilities, children with low socioeconomic status, orphans, migrant children, children of refugee families and national minorities and children with disabilities were given the opportunity to study in regular schools.

Rehabilitation assistance to disabled children is provided in 2 centers of national importance and in 55 rehabilitation centers at the regional level. However, rehabilitation is not permanent, but is provided in turns; there is no data on coverage. According to the regulations, depending on the diagnosis of a child, the government must pay for rehabilitation at least several times a year, while in actuality it only happens once a year. Regional level rehabilitation centers established to solve this problem also prove unequal to this task - the number of rehabilitation programs still does not allow a child to undergo rehabilitation at the required level.

"Decent development and place of a special child in the society is determined not only by benefits and charity, but also by legal obligations of the state to take urgent and effective measures to develop laws and educate the population on this important issue", - says Aigul Shakibaeva. "Unfortunately, not all parents of children with special educational needs know their rights and the rights of their children; some feel embarrassed, some simply do not have the opportunity to learn more about it. During six months of the project, I will offer free legal consultations on the project pages in Facebook and Instagram, and also through WhatsApp (8 775 937 6117). Please subscribe to these pages and write to me. "

For the period of the project, legal seminars are planned in Almaty and Kostanay, the first of which will be held in Kostanay on July 28. Details can be found on the program page.

This project is one of the two winners of the annual Anna Alexandrova competition under the "Human Rights" Program of Soros-Foundation Kazakhstan. Details about the competition and this year winners of can be found by following this link