Grants Policy

Applicant Screening

An applicant can be chosen based on criteria reasonably connected with the goals of a grant, including the quality of application, applicant’s qualification, relevance of application to the activities of the Foundation and the priority of the application.

An Applicant can be chosen based on the following criteria:

1) From a group of three or more eligible applicants within a competition, provided that the information about travel grants has been widely disseminated (SFK website, social networks, emailings and other means of communication not prohibited by law); and

2) Out of competition, if the Applicant submits an application for an event or the Foundation recommends a candidate for the event related to the activity of the Foundation. In this case, the Applicant should have an exclusive qualification in the prioritized activities of the Foundation or a unique expertise and experience in order to efficiently achieve the goals of the grant.

Travel grant applications should be submitted to the Foundation at least forty-five (45) calendar days prior to an event to be held abroad and fifteen (15) calendar days prior to an event to be held in Kazakhstan and the CIS. Following the decision to send a grantee to an event, a grant agreement should be signed. A request for the purchase of tickets by a grantee should be approved by the Grant Manager and the Finance Director in electronic form.

If a travel grant is financed from OSI-NY funds, the Foundation must notify OSI Grants Management that it intends to provide an individual grant from OSI-NY funds and receive their written approval.

If the Foundation takes a decision to provide funds, the Foundation should define the route and book and purchase tickets through a travel agency. The tickets must be purchased against a payment request. The tickets should be purchased so that the grantee arrives before the event (i.e. one (1) day prior to the event) and depart the next day after the event. If there are no options on the required date, a ticket for the next available flight should be taken. The ticket should be purchased at an optimal rate. A grantee is not allowed to change the class or date of their ticket and the route themselves.

To receive tickets, a grantee should bring an entry visa and international health insurance for the period of staying abroad. Tickets should be given to the grantee upon signing of the agreement.

Provided that it is justified, apart from the travel costs, the Expert Committee or the Board of Trustees can take the decision to cover accommodation expenses, meals, the event administration fee, visa expenses and international health insurance.

A copy of tickets, other documentary evidence of expenses, as well as a narrative report should be requested to prepare a report on the implementation of the grant agreement.

Similar requirements (whether selection through a competition or based on the applicant’s exclusive competence) apply to individual research grants provided from OSI-NY funds. These grants are subject to additional approval by the OSI Grants Management and may only be provided after receiving written approval from OSI-NY.