Grants Policy

Grant Cancellation

A Grant should be cancelled in the following circumstances:

- failure to perform the Agreement;

- providing inadequate information in the Grant Application for the Grant or in the Grant report;

- the legal status of the Grantee changes and this change affects the implementation of the Agreement; and

- the Grantee disseminates information that brings discredit to the name and reputation of SFK.

A Grant can be cancelled by the Board of Trustees based on recommendations provided by the Expert Committee of the corresponding program. An agreement monitoring report and, if available, the opinion of the Grantee should be included with the recommendations.

The decision on Grant cancellation must be communicated to the Grantee in writing. The letter is to indicate what should be returned to SFK and how it should be returned.

The decision to cancel the Grant may be published on the SFK website.

If the Grant is cancelled or the activities under the Agreement were assigned a poor rating, the Grantee should be registered on the list of mala fide grantees. The Board of Trustees should take a decision whether to include or exclude the Grantee from the list of mala fide grantees based on a recommendation from the Expert Committee.