Grants Policy

Grant Decision Principles

SFK provides Grants based on the principles of transparency and equity, the SFK Grant Regulations, the Founder’s policies and procedures, and the laws of Kazakhstan.

Transparency in providing grants is ensured by publishing information about the Grants provided on SFK website (the Grants section) and its Annual Report.

Equity in grant competitions should be ensured by omitting Applicants’ names during the vote on Applications at the meeting of the program’s Expert Committee. Applications for travel grants are the exceptions. The names of the members of Expert Committees will not be disclosed. The decisions on Grants must be taken based on the criteria and/or compliance with the priorities of the program and the Foundation.

Any conflict of interest will be taken into consideration during the Grant decision-making process and in the course of its performance. If an Applicant and/or their affiliate is a member of the Board of Trustees, Expert Committee and/or family members[1] of the affiliates of the Foundation, the Application will also be considered in accordance with the conflict of interest resolution procedure. In that event, a decision on the Grant should be taken by a superior body (the Board of Trustees in the event of a possible conflict of interest for an employee or a member of an Expert Committee, or the Founder in the event of a possible conflict of interest for a member of the Board of Trustees).

Grants may not be used to support the activities of political parties, professional unions and/or religious organizations, or other legal entities and/or individuals promoting political and/or religious goals.

When Applications are considered, the discrimination of Applicants on account of religion, political convictions, gender or other status is prohibited.

The Foundation should register all Applications, completed as shown in a sample filled-in form. Applications will not be commented, stored and returned to Applicants. SFK will not provide explanations as to why an Application has been turned down.

[1] Family members are parents, children, adoptive parents, siblings, including fostered brothers and sisters and half-brothers and half-sisters, grandparents and grandchildren. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Marriage and Family dated December 17, 1998.