Grants Policy

Obligations Concerning the Use of the Grant

The Grantee should use the Grant strictly in compliance with the purpose stipulated in the Agreement. The Grantee cannot transfer the rights and obligations under the Grant to third parties, unless otherwise specified in the Application.

SFK and the Founder do not bear responsibility for:

- the obligations of a Grantee to third parties;

- claims against a Grantee;

- methods and results produced within the Agreement;

- relationships between a Grantee and governmental bodies, legal entities and individuals;

- liabilities of a Grantee to the state budget; or

- damages inflicted by a Grantee intentionally or unintentionally as a result of using the Grant funds.

If a Grantee intentionally or unintentionally infringes copyright, the Foundation will not accept liability for the actions of the Grantee. All third party copyright claims against a Grantee must be settled without involving the Foundation in compliance with applicable laws. If a project envisages the creation of a copyrighted work, a separate appendix to the agreement must be signed to give SFK non-exclusive rights to the work of the Grantee.