Grants Policy

Distribution of Goods and Materials within a Grant

An acceptance statement should be completed along with a grant agreement.

The following types of goods or materials can be distributed:

  • Distribution of equipment that is recorded on the SFK balance sheet. Applications for equipment documented as request letters are to be collected by the Grant Manager after the Executive Council makes the decision that SFK has equipment that the Foundation is not going to use. The book value of the equipment must be indicated in the grant agreement. If the equipment is of a zero value, only specifications and the number of items handed over should be indicated in the grant agreement.
  • Distribution of literature published and/or purchased by SFK for distribution among stakeholders. An application is not required for this grant, however an employee from the Program Department must in advance discuss with the Grantee the terms of the receipt of the literature and of the target group interested in the literature. A list of those who received the literature and the acceptance statement will substitute a grant report. All assigned books and their price are to be listed in the grant agreement and the acceptance statement. If the literature that has been written off the SFK balance sheet is to be assigned, the assignment can be fulfilled without identification of the value.
  • Distribution of specially purchased goods and materials. The Expert Committee and/or the Board of Trustees must define the terms of distribution.